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Neck Pain Treatment Offered by Our Lake Charles Chiropractor

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When you need neck pain treatment in Lake Charles and the surrounding area, Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab can help. A visit to the chiropractor can help restore your neck and back into proper alignment. The treatment helps reduce and eliminate neck pain, and improves your range of motion overall. Many people suffer from neck and back pain, especially those that spend the day working hard at a desk. If your neck is sore, it's time to schedule with a Lake Charles chiropractor today.

The Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is caused from muscle strains and sprains, tightness, and misalignment of the vertebra in your neck. These problems can occur as a result of an accident, or they can occur over time due to posture. Whether you were hurt in a car accident, or you have caused strain in your neck over time, a chiropractor in Lake Charles can help you reduce the pain in your neck without the use of prescription medications. Through careful spinal adjustments, your neck and upper back will be put back into alignment.

How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

If you are nervous about receiving chiropractic care for neck pain, you shouldn't be. Chiropractic is a gentle manipulation technique designed with overall body wellness in mind. Through the use of specifically designed movements, your chiropractor will ensure that your vertebra is properly lined up. Your chiropractor may also use massage therapy, hot or cold packs, traction and more to relax and repair your neck muscles.

You may have to come in for several treatments when you are suffering from neck pain. This is because chiropractic treatment builds upon each visit. Each time you are adjusted, your neck and back will slip back out of alignment if the muscles are still tight. With each adjustment, the treatment will last longer and longer until you no longer need to come in for acute care.

It is recommended that you visit with your chiropractor several times a week during the first stages of treatment. Once you are feeling better, you can visit our office periodically to keep your back properly aligned. Chiropractic care is restorative treatment that focuses on the body as a whole in order to restore you to wellness.

Your First Visit to a Lake Charles Chiropractor

At Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab, you will meet with one of our chiropractors, either Dr. Kyle Daigle or Dr. Brett Gschwend, who will sit down with you and take down a full medical history to determine what is causing your neck pain. Be prepared to list any medications you are taking, any surgeries you may have had and any previous injuries you have suffered that could be adding to your pain. You will be carefully assessed, and your chiropractor will design a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

If you need a chiropractor in Lake Charles, Louisiana call 337-421-0010 to set up your first appointment.

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