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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment

Any injury that directly harms the head falls into the category labeled "head injuries." However, the type that get special notice are those that cause long-lasting damage or disability. The most prominent of these are the ones that harm the brain. These injuries are often known as traumatic brain injuries, and they are caused by things like concussions, strokes, and penetration of the skull by objects.

Important Types of Head Injuries and Their Causes

Injuries that harm the brain are normally the most harmful since the brain often does not recover full functionality. Anything that causes the brain to bleed or causes blood to collect in or around it, can be at fault for such damage. Heavy impact to your head is one of the things that can do this.

In car and similar accidents, penetration by objects is also possible. You may have seen pictures online of people with spikes right through their skulls. These injuries may not be common, but they are very striking.

Strokes, oxygen deprivation, and other medical events result in brain injury as well. In some cases, this type of damage is insidious, but at other times, it's very obvious.

Concussions are likely the most common cause of serious head injuries. They result when the head is banged with serious force. They're very common in sports like football, where players collide at full force as a normal part of the game. Accidental blows to the head, from mishaps like falling on your head or head trauma after an auto accident can also cause a concussion.

Signs You May Have A Concussion

If you have this injury, you'll likely experience at least a few of these signs. Signs of the concussion include headache, poor balance, confusion, "seeing stars," amnesia, irritability, fatigue, and nausea. If the blow was strong enough to knock you out, you can also be fairly certain that you got a concussion in the process.


One of the most unique treatments for traumatic brain injury is functional neurology, and it is offered by our chiropractor in Lake Charles. Here at Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab, our head injury doctor works with athletes and others who are suffering from ongoing head pain and related problems. We've also found that spinal decompression works wonders because it relieves pressure on the nerves that go into the skull. Cervical spine realignment is also needed because a blow strong enough to cause a concussion is also strong enough to disrupt the vertebrae in your neck.

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