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Functional Neurology at Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab

Functional neurology is an exciting facet in the world of holistic healthcare that is rapidly increasing in popularity. It can detect subtle changes in the nervous system and treat patients with carefully conducted stimulations that include movement, light, touch, sound, exercise and scent. Instead of viewing nervous system disorders in terms of optimal or not, functional neurology looks for nuances to determine if the nervous system is working well or not. Basically, with functional neurology, a skilled practitioner, like Dr. Kyle Daigle, owner of Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab in Lake Charles, Louisiana, can determine if there is existing dysfunction in the body and then treat it to prevent further damage. Functional neurology can stop potential nervous system disorders in their tracks.

How Does Functional Neurology Work?

Using functional neurology, Dr. Daigle can get rid of toxins in the body, as well as strengthen the immune response. He can see the potential dysfunctions and then stimulate and activate the area to promote healing and better functionality. The amount of stimulation necessary is incredibly important and complex, as too much could be just as detrimental than none at all. Dr. Daigle takes great care in understanding a patient’s unique needs and bio-individuality during the treatment process.  

Functional neurology is a safe, drug-free and noninvasive process performed in the comfort of our chiropractic treatment center.

Is it Related to Kinesiology?

Functional neurology is an alternative health therapy that combines Kinesiology with chiropractic techniques. Functional neurology takes the Kinesiology techniques of diagnosing organ dysfunction and energy blockages and the body movement and spinal adjustments of chiropractic care in order to create an all-encompassing treatment protocol for healing.  

What Conditions Can Functional Neurology Treat?

Functional neurology can treat a host of issues including chronic pain, sciatica, early Alzheimer’s symptoms, bulging or herniated discs, dizziness and balance issues, headaches and migraines and tremor disorders. It can also be used to help people with low immunity, numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome and restless leg syndrome. Functional neurology can help those with autism, attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease.

How Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab Can Help

Dr. Daigle and the team at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, use functional neurology, Kinesiology and nutrition to create an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. We treat a number of conditions, including back pain, disc issues, migraines, stroke rehabilitation, sports injuries and whiplash. We also help athletes enhance their sports performance through state-of-the-art treatment and nutritional protocols.

We understand the tremendous impact the nervous system has on your health. For more information and to make an appointment with a functional neurologist in Lake Charles, call our office at 337-421-0010.

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