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Frequently Asked Work Injury Questions at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab

Whether you work in a dangerous physical environment or a sedate office job, you may be at risk for work injuries. If you're suffering from pain, muscle weakness, or other uncomfortable symptoms at work, you may have questions about how you can feel better. Here are some answers to frequently asked work injury questions at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab in Lake Charles.

Man suffering from a work injury

What Are Some Common Kinds of Work Injuries?

Slip and fall injuries, auto injuries (if your job involves driving), heavy lifting injuries, and repetitive motion injuries due to non-ergonomic working conditions. These injuries can damage muscles, joints, and other tissues in the neck, back, or extremities. Symptoms include back pain, neck, loss of function, and neurological symptoms in various parts of the body.

How Do Acute Workplace Accidents Damage the Body?

A hard impact from a slip and fall can dislocate joints, causing acute pain or stiffness, and cause spinal discs to slip out of position so that they press against nerve roots. Straining to lift a heavy item can damage the lower back muscles and connective tissues. An auto accident on the job can leave you with severe neck pain due to whiplash.

How Do Chronic Workplace Injuries Occur?

A chronic work injury may be the result of months or years of bending, stooping, or twisting due to awkward workplace layout. These repetitive motions cause cumulative damage and inflammation in the soft tissues; they may also make you vulnerable to spinal alignment problems. Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tendinitis, and "text neck" related to screens or smartphones that force you to drop your head forward.

How Can Chiropractic Care Relieve My Work Injury?

Our chiropractic adjustments can restore a misaligned disc, vertebral joint, or extremity joint to its proper position. These treatments can relieve work-related joint pain, increase your range of motion, take ease your neurological symptoms. In addition to chiropractic adjustment, we can include other natural treatments in your work injury recovery plan. These may include whole body vibration, cold laser therapy (for soft tissue healing and pain relief), and a course of physical therapy.

How Can You Help Me Avoid Future Work Injuries?

We can suggest lifestyle and ergonomic changes to help you achieve a safer, more comfortable work environment. We may also recommend exercises and spinal screenings to help you stay healthy throughout your career.

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